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Additional Materials, Programs, and Organizations

There are many resources helping to advance understanding of health disparities and improve the health of underserved communities in Los Angeles County.

Our goal is to connect more organizations to facilitate community and academic partnerships in research and to train new investigators in health disparities research and assist community partners to implement effective programs to reduce disparities.

Instant Recess®

Instant Recess® is an evidence-based model designed to improve health & productivity by incorporating 10-minute physical activity breaks into the routine daily "conduct of business"–fighting the inactivity epidemic 10 minutes at a time.

Active Living Network Project Profiles

Searchable database of projects, programs and initiatives throughout the US promoting health changes through changes in the built environment.

Experiences of Discrimination (EOD), Dr. Nancey Krieger, Harvard School of Public Health

Recently validated tool for health research on racism. Tool and Instructions for its use can be accessed for free after registering.

Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce Website

Health Data Tools and Statistics Sectio.n

Methods for Measuring Cancer Disparities: 2005 NCI Monograph on Measuring Heath Disparities.

Methods for Measuring Cancer Disparities: Using Data Relevant to Healthy People 2010 Cancer-Related Objectives objectives.

ENACT: Improve Food and Activity Environments

A free hands-on assessment and planning tool.

Measuring Health Disparities

A free interactive CD-ROM offered by The University of Michigan as a practical guide to applying concepts and methods in measuring and addressing health disparities.

Nutrition Pamphlets for Parents

Available in Korean, Vietnamese and English.

Stroke Awareness

A Facilitator's Guide.

THRIVE: Community Tool for Health and Resilience in Vulnerable Environments

From the Prevention Institute.

Making Public Programs Work for Communities of Color

An Action Kit, produced by Families USA for Community Leaders, emphasizing the importance of public programs in reducing racial and ethnic health disparities. Provides information, tools, and resources for engaging in health advocacy and improving communities' health and well-being.

Obesity prevention resources: 

Tobacco prevention resources: 

Heart disease and stroke resources: 

Digital and Social Media Resources 

Other downloadable resources:

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