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Community Partners

Site visits with our community seed grant recipients

 March 2017

The Downtown Women’s Center Health Center Peer Leadership Program recognizes that peer support empowers participants – many of whom have similar lived experiences – to provide encouragement, empathy, hope, consideration, and empowerment from the vantage point of experiential understanding.

The Health Center Peer Leadership Program trained five Health Center Peer Leaders to assist the health team staff in eliminating barriers to health care, reducing stigmas and fear about access to medical and behavioral health services, and setting a positive example for other participants.
The health team staff (Medical Social Worker, Health Program Specialist, and Health Program Manager) would work closely with five peer leaders for one year. The program would provide effective peer support for the co-located clinic, health programs, and medical outreach needs.


April 2017

The Pasadena Unified School District tackles Nutrition and Health Strategies that address the rising obesity and diabetes rates and food insecurity in our community.

Sharing a Healthy Start supports strategies to increase access to healthy food and nutrition education for families in the PUSD’s highest poverty schools. Adressing the practical challenges and the perception that eating healthy is expensive is PUSD’s overarching goal.

PUSD incorporates a wide range of strategies to achieve   the Sharing a Healthy Start goals and objectives, and to increase a sense of connectedness to the school and community among local families and project partners.  

These strategies include:

•healthy food preparation and cooking workshops
•school and community garden demonstrations
•SNAP and Market Match enrollment assistance
•field trips to local farmers markets, supermarkets and neighborhood markets to compare the real costs of fresh food v. fast food

Sharing a Healthy Start includes local partners to maximize resources and generate collective impact. Partners include: City of Pasadena Health Department, City of Pasadena Farmer’s Market, Hunger Action LA, Cleveland Healthy Start, Madison Healthy Start, Market Match.

Community Health Councils - weekly, monthly or other repeating events on health care, food policy and physical activity

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