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Roshan Bastani, Ph.D.

Professor, Health Services
(310) 206-9266
(310) 206-3566


UCLA School of Public Health
Box 951772
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772
Cancer Prevention and Control
Health Access Disparity
Biographical Information: 

Roshan Bastani is Professor of Health Services and Associate Dean for Research in the School of Public Health, and is Co-Director of its Center to Eliminate Health Disparities. She is also Associate Director of the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Research which is jointly housed in the School of Public Health and the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. She teaches courses in Cancer Prevention and Control and Program Evaluation.

Dr. Bastani is a Social/Health Psychologist whose main research interest is the study of access to health care among low-income, ethnic minority and other underserved groups, with focus testing the efficacy of patient and health care system directed interventions to improve access. Examples of her federally funded (NIH) research include a randomized experiment, targeting indigent minority women from two public hospitals, to enhance utilization of appropriate follow-up diagnostic and treatment services for serious breast abnormalities; a study to understand health system and patient factors related to hepatitis B screening; an experiment to assess the effects of an intervention to promote informed decision making regarding prostate cancer screening, among Latinos; and CDC funded prevention program to promote community-based collaborative intervention research projects to reduce ethnic disparities related to tobacco use, obesity, and cancer screening. She is also the director of an NCI funded training grant, which prepares post doctoral fellows (PhD and MD) to conduct interdisciplinary cancer prevention and control research.

Selected Publications: 

1. Bastani, R., Maxwell, A.E., Bradford, C., Prabhu Das, I., Yan, K. (1999). Tailored risk notification for women with a family history of breast cancer. Preventive Medicine, 29(5): 355-364.

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4. Reuben, D.B., Bassett, L.W., Hirsch, S.H., Jackson, C.A., Bastani, R. (2002). A randomized clinical trial to assess the benefit of offering on-site mobile mammography, in addition to health education, for older women. American Journal of Roentgenology, 179(6):1509-1514.

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