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UCLA Art & Global Health Center’s AMP! Program Brings Innovative Sex Ed to LAUSD

What do you get when you combine theater, humor, and sexual health information?

An innovative, dynamic, evidence-based sexual education program for high school students. 

AMP! is an Arts-based, Multiple-intervention, Peer-led approach to sexual health education in which Sex Squads serve as catalysts for transformation. The UCLA Sex Squad is a collective of undergraduates that uses life experiences and creative talents to create funny, multimedia theater to open dialogue with teens all over Los Angeles about HIV/STI prevention, testing and treatment, teen pregnancy and self-esteem, and more. The Sex Squad performs at high schools all over Los Angeles and mentors high school students in creating their own Sex Squads. 

Evaluation of the program has shown that the AMP! is highly effective: after viewing a Sex Squad performance, ninth graders demonstrate a significant increase in sexual health knowledge and comfort discussing sexual health topics.  Sexually-active students were four times more likely to take an HIV test after viewing the performance than before.

In order to reach more students and classrooms, the UCLA Sex Squad is raising funds to create a facilitation manual, based on California high school standards, so that teachers can show filmed Sex Squad performances and guide dialogue with students. 

View the 2014 UCLA Sex Squad performance, “Bringing (Safe) Sexy Back,” and consider donating to the 2015 Sex Squad’s SPARK campaign to create a multimedia facilitation guide for high school teachers.