Los Angeles County Office of Women's Health

Los Angeles County Office of Women's Health


The Office of Women's Health (OWH) was established in 1998 to protect, preserve, and advance the health of women in Los Angeles County by...

Promoting health equity

Providing education and promoting resources, programs, and policies that are responsive to women

Increasing access to culturally competent, comprehensive health services.

Serving as advisers to OWH is the Women's Health Policy Council, which consists of community leaders, clinicians, service providers, health advocates, and public- and private-sector representatives.

To improve the health of women in Los Angeles County, OWH uses a multipronged approach, working at the community and systems/policy levels, as well as the individual level.


Health Education Administration (HEA) is the central health education office for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. We strive to achieve the following Vision and Mission:

Healthy Los Angeles County communities through effective health education practice.

To promote health through quality health education communications, empowered health education practitioners, and strong partnerships.

Our services aim to improve the capacity of the health education workforce to deliver high quality health education services.  Among the services we provide is the coordination of the Speakers' Bureau which facilitates the requests for speakers from Department of Public Health staff and community members on several topic areas.  HEA also oversees the compilation of the Educational Materials inventory which is a collection of print materials created and/or utilized by programs within Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. The print materials included in the inventory cover a wide range of topics, and are frequently used by health educators and public health nurses in their work with Los Angeles communities.