June 28, 2019


NEVHC Homelessness_0

Ending the homeless crisis requires a collective and coordinated response that is supported by all community members. A critical piece of the solution is ensuring health care access for our homeless neighbors who depend on community health centers to connect them to supportive services and housing.

Join us as we kick off our Healthy Valleys 2020 Community Health Series with “Street Medicine: Reducing Health Barriers for our Homeless Neighbors” Hear from members of our E6 Street Medicine Team and Health Care Advocates at the forefront of providing our homeless neighbors with a strong foundation that supports their journey to wellness.

Topics include: the community health center’s role in ending homelessness by increasing access and reducing barriers to medical care, housing, and medication assisted therapy to treat substance use disorder which disproportionately impacts our homeless neighbors

San Fernando Health Center | 1600 San Fernando Road | San Fernando, CA 91340 | San Fernando, CA 91340

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