Behavioral Health Services(BHS) is a not-for-profit community-based healthcare organization providing medical services, substance abuse, mental health, drug-free transitional living, housing for women with HIV, and prevention services for the local community. BHS began providing outpatient substance abuse treatment services to adolescents and young adults in the Centinela Valley in 1973. Realizing the enormity of need throughout Los Angeles County, they expanded reach and now operate from 13 locations covering the South Bay, East Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, and the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles County. They operate two Chemical Dependency Recovery Centers, four residential sites eight outpatient clinics, two of which provide mental health services in addition to substance use services.  BHS also provides outreach to individuals living on Skid Row and participates in several homeless projects.

The BHS continuum of care includes four community assessment center sites, prevention programs for adolescents and older adults, geriatric case management, and home care services for frail elderly and disabled adults. Their mission is to transform lives by offering hope and opportunities for recovery, wellness, and independence. Their vision is a comprehensive system of human services available and affordable to all through our model programs and a coalition of community partners.

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