Founded in 1992 and operating for over a quarter century as California Food Policy Advocates, Nourish California is a nonpartisan, statewide 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. They engage in policy advocacy and research at the local, regional, and state levels in California and at the federal level. Their  offices are located in Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Nourish California shapes the programs and policies that should connect—but sometimes stand between—people and the food they need to thrive. They work with an urgent focus on improving access to food for Californians who face the greatest needs and the starkest inequities. Their team leads statewide advocacy efforts to end hunger, disrupt poverty, and ensure that all Californians are well nourished. Their work also contributes to a larger movement of individuals, communities, and organizations fighting for human rights, dignity, and justice, both within California and beyond.

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