People for Parks Los Angeles

Since 1989, People for Parks (PFP) has worked to expand park space in LA’s densest, most park-scarce regions through advocacy, capital development projects and innovative programming.

In 2012, they tore up asphalt, replaced it with grassy fields and tracks and opened life-changing Community School Parks (CSPs) at Vine and Trinity Street Elementary schools. Over the following eight years, People for Parks opened an additional ten CSPs across Los Angeles, each providing thousands of Angelenos in dense pockets of Koreatown, Pico Union, West Lake, Central Alameda, South LA and East Hollywood safe, vibrant places to play and connect within walking distance of their homes.

PFP is thrilled to join forces with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust to expand this critical work. Working as a program within LANLT, PFP will advance park equity through continued CSP operation, community organizing and shared use policy advocacy.

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