Roch Nianogo, M.D., Ph.D.

I am a physician and scientist of general medicine, and epidemiologist. I received training in medicine, community health, epidemiology and systems science. The goal of my research is to identify, optimize and design novel health interventions for preventing and treating cardio-metabolic diseases and assist clinical, community health and policy decision-making through insights from randomized experiments, quasi-experiments and virtual experiments (i.e. simulation modeling). To this end, I have developed interests and expertise that are both methodological and substantive in nature. Methodologically, my work involves the development and application of epidemiologic and causal inference methods, as well as computational modeling and simulation tools (also known as systems science methods) for translating research evidence into effective clinical, public health and policy interventions. Substantively, my work has focused on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD), diabetes and obesity, the improvement of the quality of healthcare and the reduction of health disparities both globally and in the U.S. My work additionally specializes in the synthesis and integration of best evidence, the forecasting and prediction of public health problems, the ethical considerations of and the comparative- and cost-effectiveness of health interventions.