Topic: Colorectal Cancer Prevention

The study is to ensure that all children receive high quality, comprehensive preschool/child care experiences to prevent childhood obesity, particularly in low resource, diverse communities. We randomly assigned 60 preschools served by CCRC to the intervention or a usual practice. Our aims are to: 1) implement a multilevel obesity prevention intervention for preschool settings that builds on existing evidence-based approaches, stakeholder input, and our pilot research; 2) evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention on child BMI z-scores (primary outcome), and parent-reported child nutrition and physical activity (secondary outcomes); and 3) systematically assess intervention reach, adoption, implementation, adaptation and maintenance, guided by the RE-AIM Framework, which we have tailored for our specific study focus and setting.

Research Team:
Roshan Bastani, PhD 
Paul Chung, MD, MS
Burt Cowgill, Ph.D.
Alison Herrmann, PhD, MS
Beth Glenn, PhD

Community Partner: Child Care Resource Center (CCRC)

Study Population: children, staff and parents of preschools served by CCRC

Funding Source: NIH/NICHD grant # R01HD091136