Topic: Liver disease/Cancer

The main objective of this study was to investigate the association between 288 SNPs identified in genome-wide association studies and risk of elevated transaminase levels in an admixed Mexican-Mestizo sample of 178 cases of NAFLD and 454 healthy controls. The results of this study suggest that among Mexicans, the PNPLA3 (rs738409), LYPLAL1 (rs12137855), PPP1R3B (rs4240624), and GCKR (rs780094) polymorphisms may be associated with a greater risk of chronic liver disease among overweight adults. Study findings also suggest a significant association between variants in COL13A1, ADIPOQ, SAMM50, and risk of NAFLD/elevated transaminase levels in Mexican adults with an admixed ancestry. This was the first study to examine high-density single nucleotide screening for genetic variations in a Mexican-Mestizo population.

Research Team:
Yvonne Flores, PhD, MPH
Roshan Bastani, PhD

Study Population: Individuals with NAFLD and healthy controls

Funding: NIH/NCI, Project # K07CA197179


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