October 14, 2020

8:30 am / 12:30 pm

Session #1:

This panel focused on the process of vaccine development, differences among the various vaccine candidates, and safeguards in place to ensure vaccine safety, as well as challenges related to equity and population-level distribution.

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Robert Kim-Farley, MD, MPH, Professor in Residence, Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA

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Raphael J. Landovitz, MD, MSc, Professor of Medicine, UCLA Center for Clinical AIDS Research & Education

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Katya Corado, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Health Sciences, Division of HIV at Harbor-UCLA

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Session #2:

Featured speakers discussed the principles, strategies and challenges related to communicating about the vaccines across the many diverse populations in Los Angeles and the nation, including issues associated with vaccine hesitancy. This panel also featured a talk on how local public health officials are working to promote and disseminate the influenza vaccine this year.

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David Broniatowski, PhD, FPsyS, Associate Director at Institute of Data, Democracy, and Politics, Associate Professor, Departments of Engineering Management & Systems Engineering, The George Washington Univerisity

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Wen-Ying Sylvia Chou, PhD, MPH, Program Director, Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch (HCIRB), Behavioral Research Program (BRP), National Cancer Institue (NCI)

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M. Claire Jarashow, PhD, MPH, Director, Vaccine Preventable Disease Control Program, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

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Rachel A. Tyree, MPH, Director of Communications and Public Relations, Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

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