Obesity Prevention and Control

Is MyPlate.gov Approach Helping Overweight Patients Lose More Weight Patient Centered?

Topic: Obesity treatment and dietary patterns Randomized, controlled trial comparing MyPlate adherence versus Calorie Counting to help low-income patients lose excess central body fat. Both approaches yielded decreased waist circumference at 12 months follow-up. Self-reported satiety measures also improved in both conditions. We concluded that adherence to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as summarized by […]

Addressing Obesity in Early Care and Education Settings

Topic: Colorectal Cancer Prevention The study is to ensure that all children receive high quality, comprehensive preschool/child care experiences to prevent childhood obesity, particularly in low resource, diverse communities. We randomly assigned 60 preschools served by CCRC to the intervention or a usual practice. Our aims are to: 1) implement a multilevel obesity prevention intervention […]