Tobacco Prevention and Control

Adapting Project Towards No Nicotine for Virtual Delivery in Ethnically-Diverse Afterschool Settings

Topic: Tobacco Use Prevention Project Towards No Nicotine is a tobacco and vaping use prevention program adapted from Project Towards No Tobacco (an evidence-based tobacco use prevention curriculum delivered for classroom settings). Working in partnership with Breathe SoCal, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Los Angeles, and USC, we will develop a version of […]

Hands Off Tobacco and E-Cigarettes!: Tobacco & E-Cigarette Use Prevention for Deaf Youth

Topic: Youth Tobacco and E-cigarette Prevention Hands Off Tobacco and E-Cigarettes! is a tobacco and e-cigarette use prevention program designed for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing youth updated this past year to include information about e-cigarettes, hookah, and cigarillos and innovative activities to engage Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing youth, including the use of social media. We implement our […]

Development and Evaluation of an Afterschool Tobacco Use Prevention Program

Topic: Tobacco Use Prevention Tobacco use by youth in California disproportionately affects low-income, racial and ethnic minority children and adolescents. To address this issue we utilized the afterschool setting to deliver and assess a tobacco use prevention program by adapting Project TNT, a successful tobacco use prevention program used in middle school classroom environments, for […]